Viking has been called “a cruise for thinking people” because its target audience includes mature adults with an interest in geography, history, culture, cuisine, and the arts.  There are no formal nights, butlers, and white gloves to dampen the laid-back, laid-back atmosphere on board.


It is easy to recommend Viking since it caters to everyone’s needs. Viking offers a safe and comfortable environment where you can relax and focus on exploring the world you want to see, whether you travel independently, with family, or with some of your closest friends. However, the Vikings don’t take its class and luxury to the extreme.

 Benefits Of Viking Cruises My Journey

Members of this club enjoy exclusive benefits and offer on all trips with the shipping company. The advantages of Viking Cruises My Journey are:

People look familiar no matter when or where we travel: On Viking ships, we meet interesting people there for the purposes. Enjoying their company is initially an enjoyable, but not mandatory, part of the experience. My Viking Journey travelers seem to travel happier, more pleasant, and more comfortable.

Program directors often play a significant role in the experience: On every Viking ship we’ve been on, the program director has played a substantial role in the background. We would love to sail with one of them again.

Age doesn’t matter: We enjoy chatting with fellow Viking travelers aged 19 and 88. While age is irrelevant, an interest in seeing the world is required.

Discount Cruises: Vikings wants to encourage customers to sail with them again by offering them a credit for all future voyages on the cruise line. The offer includes all Viking Ocean crossings, with travel credits awarded based on the time between your previous junction and your next booking.

Invitations to Exclusive Events: Viking also invites you to Viking Journey members-only cocktails, where you can mingle with fellow guests and enjoy a complimentary cocktail.

Free Magazine: Viking members also receive a free quarterly copy of Viking’s Explore More Magazine. This brilliant magazine features stories, interviews, recipes, and contests.